Our Vision

There is simple truth in this statement: Musical playback does not have to be linear and metrologically perfect. Musical playback has to touch our emotions and provide a moving experience. 

The designer looked to create a unique composition by combining the emotional impact of the music with the positive effects of the loudspeaker materials on the human organism. He wanted to design a decorative piece of furniture that would harmonize with its surrounding while generating an exhilarating sound. To do this, he drew inspiration from wrap artist Christo, whom he venerated. The unique design would aim to give the loudspeaker an airiness and lightness that would also be reflected in the sound it would produce. 

The large-scale composite horn, featuring an in-house-designed beryllium driver, coupled with OEM bass drivers enable the loudspeaker to stimulate and move massive amounts of air in any space both in mid-to-high-frequency ranges and, in particular, at the deep bass level. This gives listeners the feeling they’re sitting in the front row sensing the performer’s every breathe.

The Details

Wood And Insulation

 The loudspeaker is handcrafted using Swiss pine, a very light wood.Also used to make musical instruments, this wood serves as a superb resonating body. This wood “just has a ring to it.”
The material’s positive effects on people’s sense of wellbeing have been known for centuries. With every “breath” the loudspeaker takes, immense quantities of air are moved through the ample bass reflex ports. The air caresses the Swiss pine and stimulates the essential oils in the wood to exude a warm, vibrating fragrance into the room. 

 The insulation materials—the inlay—are made of pure organic virgin sheep wool. Free of allergens, the wool has the unique ability to filter contaminants and irritants from the ambient air and sustainably neutralize them, thus ensuring a healthy indoor climate. 

The Megashield

 The power filter, the especially well-shielded cables are standard features these days. But what about a 115-decibel high-mid driver with ultrathin diaphragm?
 The highly sensitive sound transducers are protected by the world’s first driver to be shielded from all forms of radiation. The megashield’s sixfold shielding eliminates alpha radiation, beta radiation, gamma radiation and neutrino radiation (is reduced to 10 ̄ ⁵). 

 Phone, cellphone, and radio radiation are also fully blocked.  

The Horn

Yes, it’s a spherical wave horn!

 Yes, this, too is different from the others! A composite horn—an in-house design made of wood, plastic, iron, and aluminum. The same applies to the horn’s port or aperture function: The best blend of different concepts, in conjunction with the megashield driver, enable unparalleled, broadband, highly dynamic reproduction from the bass undertone of a man’s voice through to finely nuanced details at high pitches.

The Bass

There are plenty of good bass units out there. But we wanted what we consider the only proper bass unit. Control, contouring, sound quality; but please, let’s have them with a proper boost: Extra thrust in the form of stirred air clearly triggers goose bumps—to less than 30 hertz or, to be precise, to 18 hertz. 
 The 28 hertz really hit home at more than 100 decibels. Those numbers aren’t quite so easy to achieve, even with four 30-centimeter bass units per side. Forty years’ experience as well as sophisticated volume and port calculations by A.W. make this a reality.

The Design

Every loudspeaker is a bespoke, handcrafted piece of technology, and you can choose from various fabric designs as well as a natural Swiss pine look to match your own interior. You can easily replace the wrapping fabric as needed, thus creating a new design over and over again or modifying the look to match a particular event. As far as the horn’s finish is concerned, you may choose any color or even opt for a gold-leaf version.  

Making the Pure Emotion 1.0 a Reality

…was undertaken with the proviso that emotive voices are played back with genuine bass—and as part of a two-way (broadband) concept at that.

 The outcome in figures and details: 

  • Coefficient of performance: 108 decibels 
  • Load capacity: 1,200-watt bass units/100-watt horn
  • More than 120-decibel maximum output
  • 18 hertz to 23,000 hertz, -6 decibels
  • Four 12-inch OEM neodymium bass drivers 
  • AW-devised port/volume calculation 
  • Two-inch beryllium shield OEM driver
  • Composite mid-high 77-centimeter horn exponential/AW principle
  • DSP controller with FIR filtering direct activation feasible using AES to reduce to DA conversion in the system

 System Information

  • Recommended room size 30 square meters or more
  • Recommended distance 3.5 meters or more
  • Recommended amp power (horn): 50 watts to 250 watts
  • Recommended amp power (bass): 500 watts to 1,200 watts
  • The loudspeaker can only be used in conjunction with the Pure Emotion DSP Controller. Free choice of power amplifiers with the necessary performance specifications.

Dimensions: Depth 80 centimeters, width 77 centimeters (horn) 45 centimeters to 60 centimeters (housing), height 208 centimeters

The Right Electronics

To achieve the greatest perfection possible, we got Agile Unterhaltungselektronik GmbH to create specially calibrated electronics for the Pure Emotion 1.0 loudspeaker. The centerpiece is the Pure Emotion DSP controller, which has given us plenty of latitude to generate any desired sound when fine-tuning to match personal listening preferences and using other electronic chains.
We believe this exceptional and special acoustic experience is made nearly perfect by Pure Emotion Power AMPs, each with two 1.2 kilowatts per channel at the low end, and the Pure Emotion Pre&Horn Amp, which has ingenious analog volume control. Other refinements, like a digital streamer, which can be locked directly at the DSP, and a coordinated cable setup including line filter, certainly propels this equipment setup beyond excellent.

Would you like to check out our sound?

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