Our Vision

There is simple truth in this statement: Musical playback does not have to be linear and metrologically perfect. Musical playback has to touch our emotions and provide a moving experience. 

The designer looked to create a unique composition by combining the emotional impact of the music with the positive effects of the loudspeaker materials on the human organism. He wanted to design a decorative piece of furniture that would harmonize with its surrounding while generating an exhilarating sound. To do this, he drew inspiration from wrap artist Christo, whom he venerated. The unique design would aim to give the loudspeaker an airiness and lightness that would also be reflected in the sound it would produce. 

The large-scale composite horn, featuring an in-house-designed beryllium driver, coupled with OEM bass drivers enable the loudspeaker to stimulate and move massive amounts of air in any space both in mid-to-high-frequency ranges and, in particular, at the deep bass level. This gives listeners the feeling they’re sitting in the front row sensing the performer’s every breathe.

The Details

Wood And Insulation

 The loudspeaker is handcrafted using Swiss pine, a very light wood.Also used to make musical instruments, this wood serves as a superb resonating body. This wood “just has a ring to it.”
The material’s positive effects on people’s sense of wellbeing have been known for centuries. With every “breath” the loudspeaker takes, immense quantities of air are moved through the ample bass reflex ports. The air caresses the Swiss pine and stimulates the essential oils in the wood to exude a warm, vibrating fragrance into the room. 

 The insulation materials—the inlay—are made of pure organic virgin sheep wool. Free of allergens, the wool has the unique ability to filter contaminants and irritants from the ambient air and sustainably neutralize them, thus ensuring a healthy indoor climate.